Antoine Lehurt

I'm a product engineer based in Stockholm.

With 13 years of professional experience in web application development, I take pride in my work and strive to create enjoyable and meaningful experiences.

My area of expertise is front-end development, but I also enjoy working on the backend. Throughout my career, I have designed and built modern web applications and backend systems that meet high standards.

My go-to library for creating user interfaces has been React.js for the past 8 years. I am also skilled in using Next.js to create server-side rendered and single-page applications.

Although JavaScript has been my primary language, I prefer using statically typed languages like TypeScript for larger codebases because they improve collaboration, maintainability, and enhance the developer experience.

On this website, I share my thoughts and discoveries on topics that have sparked my curiosity or that I've learned about. It is essentially a platform for me to curate and share my personal learning journey.

Some of my favourite posts:

Messaging me through email or Mastodon are your best options if you want to contact me directly. I read everything I receive carefully, though I can't promise a response.