Hi, I’m Antoine Lehurt

I’m a senior front-end engineer currently working at Acast.

I’m passionate about web development. I enjoy being involved in every part of the product development to build well-crafted user experiences.

Since I started my career in 2009, JavaScript has been my main programming language. I use React as my primary client library since late 2014 (v0.12). I’m also interested in functional programming languages such as Elixir (+Phoenix).

Latest articles:

  1. 11/12/19Decibel: Acast’s design system
  2. 14/07/19How to keep small PRs
  3. 14/06/19Why I use react-testing-library instead of Enzyme
  4. 07/06/19React Hooks by example: useState, useCallback, useEffect, useReducer
  5. 02/06/19Continuous deployment of a Phoenix project using GitLab CI/CD


  1. 05/17 - TodayAcast - Senior front-end engineer
  2. 12/15 - 04/17Spotify - Front-end engineer (desktop application)
  3. 12/12 - 10/15North Kingdom - Front-end developer
  4. 09/10 - 06/12HKI - Flash developer
  5. 09/09 - 08/10Beemoov - Web developer