Antoine Lehurt

I'm a product engineer based in Stockholm.

With 14 years of professional experience in web application development, I am dedicated to crafting engaging and meaningful web experiences.

My expertise is primarily in front-end development, where I have refined my skills in designing and building modern web applications. However, working on the backend also brings me great satisfaction. Throughout my career, I've demonstrated my capacity to design and develop robust backend systems.

In addition, I dedicate time to side projects to delve into new programming paradigms, such as functional programming, and to experiment with languages like Elm, Elixir, and Rust. This not only enables me to explore diverse approaches to software development but also enhances my learning skills, which are crucial in this rapidly evolving industry.

On this website, I share my thoughts and discoveries on topics that have piqued my curiosity or that I have learned about. This website allows me to curate and share my personal learning journey.

Some of my favorite posts include:

If you wish to contact me directly, messaging me through email or Mastodon are your best options. I carefully read everything I receive, although I can't guarantee a response.